We accept Visa and MasterCard. Indicate :

  • Your credit card number.
  • The validity date.
  • The visual cryptogram that corresponds to 3 or 4 digits on the back of your card.

To validate the order, click on “Next” to get the “verification and confirmation of order” page. Next is the page of your bank which will offer you to pay with your digipass.

When your parcel leaves our warehouse, your account is debited. If you return your items, you will get a refund of your corresponding amount on your credit card (see returns).

Payment by credit card is secure. The encryption and security of your credit card data will be transmitted by the SSL protocol.

If you pay with a foreign bank card, The Degand house reserves the right to process your transaction with 3D-Secure or 3DS. The 3D Secure protocol is a system for securing online payments by Visa or products Selected by Pierre Degand

We accept any Belgian debit card with Bancontact.

Indicate :

  • The card number is the 16-digit number (in four four-digit blocks). You can introduce it in one piece without spaces.
  • The expiry date of the card in months and years (two-digit blocks).
  • The name of the cardholder (in capital letters).

Follow the security procedure that is the electronic signature using your digipass after the encryption of the data.

All the parties have to confirm a security procedure (the online merchant, your bank and yourself) that you have encoded the data of your own card.

This one grants you a temporary electronic signature, verified (a code encrypted on your digipass) with which you confirm the payment one last time.

Our site is secure

Pour tous vos paiements par carte bancaire, la transaction est sécurisée par la technologie de cryptage SSL. Toutes les coordonnées relatives au paiement sont saisies directement sur le serveur de la banque.

A aucun moment nous n’entrons en possession de ces informations. Celles-ci restent donc confidentielles et ne peuvent être vues ou utilisées à votre insu.